A sound system with better sound in mind


DSP ClassD, Bits & kHz

There are many technical phrases that are hard to understand and maybe making the selection of a digital product confusing. But you dont need to worry about that, when selecting a TP200. It is simple to use and the choice should not depend on the amount of horsepower that lies under the hood or how big the boot is. You should choose TP200 because you have fallen for the original perfect sound, ease of use and beautiful design. But dont worry, there are plenty of horsepower under the hood, the trunk is large enough and there are plenty of smart electronics built into this sound system. Read more about data further down 


No subwoofer, yes it is possible – simply experience it before you doubt it

TP200 have multiple options of use – The Soundbar is one of them and with the deep bass response you will not need a subwoofer and it will also be the first that catches your attention by this 70 cm horizontal tube when it first plays the sound from your favorite movies. The patented audio function HDSX® which can be activated by remote control, reveal “the giant in disguise” and spreads the sound to a surround-like experience that brings you into your own home cinema.

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A smartphone can easily be a wireless audio source for great sound

If it gets too technical and you are in doubt if you can play music wirelessly from your iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet or windows phone, the answer is simply YES! – All those players + PC / Mac is compatible with the TP200.

Spotify, Deezer, AppleMusic and many more streaming services are used by many today and when it comes to wireless streaming of audio with TP200, the latest Bluetooth® technology is chosen. It also supports the compression standard aptX®. You are therefore free to use any bluetooth player for your streaming service or play your stored music wireless in CD quality without being tied to Airplay or DLNA. If you can not do without the AirPlay® function or would like to integrate TP200 in a SONOS® system, it´s also possible.


Sound in Colors

The 90s mini systems – or the 80s Ghettoblaster

There is no built-in tape recorder, nor CD player, but it is as versatile as the music systems from the past – Wireless from the smartphone, Soundbar for TV, connected to a PC or network player … last step in setups as these may be this speaker . Therefore, we call TP200 a sound system. The front of the TP200 can easily be removed and changed to another color (8 different color choices) and this make it easier to integrate into any home.

front farver

Simple and at “good old fashioned way” you can connect all kinds of analog media to TP200 by Mini Jack 3.5 – Even your old amplifier can take on new life, connected to a TP200. In a little more “modern way”, the USB connection is used to play from PC / Mac or from other sources including USB on-the-go from the devices that support it. We dare to say “The sound system for those who want the best””

Horsepower & Boot

Technical Data and Explanations

As said, there’s plenty of horsepower in TP200. – The system is constructed with 2 x tweeter and 2 x bass driver. Each with their own 50W ClassD amplifier, a total of 200W – thereto added 2 x slave drivers. With this setup the speaker has a power ratio that suits your ears  – and with an innovative DSP to control it all, everything is under control. This structure has enabled us to keep the trunk (read: the cabinet) to a reasonable size and still have a sound system that outperformes many larger speakers ….. and the TP200 does it without a subwoofer. Innovation is a key factor in development of a speaker like this and there has therefore also been used new technologies, such as a newly developed DSP paired with unique digital amplifier components. It provides pure digital signal, without any Analog / Digital conversion on all inputs (AUX excluded)

Dimensions: 70 x 16.6 x 15.6 cm / Input: Bluetooth aptX® – Mini Jack 3.5 – Toslink(optical) – USB / Material: Anodised aluminum

We have developed and produce TP200 in Greve and we @ TP Tube has, with passion, produced active speakers for 12 years.

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